Sharing and Growing Your Personal Blog with Social Media

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When sharing your personal blog, it can be tough to self-promotional. It feels unnatural and immodest to some people. You can share your blog with others without appearing to be tooting your own horn. If you’re providing entertainment, information or valuable tools for others, you’re doing them a service. That should make it easier to self-promote. 
Whether you’re sharing personal life stories, hobby advice or personal growth advice, make sure it’s never boring. Never blog about topics that don’t interest you. You’ll want your enthusiasm and personality to shine through. When you’re not passionate about your topic, it shows in the final post. Once you’ve written and compelling or entertaining post, you need to share it on social media to get other eyes on it
When you set up your Facebook account, you have the option of creating a Facebook page that will link back to your blog. This will help to differentiate your personal account from the blog. Facebook likes it when posts include pictures as well as a link back to your blog page. You can also build your page to include other people you’d like to connect with in your niche. Share their content and start making connections with others who will find your blog valuable. 
Millions of people use Twitter in their daily lives. Twitter is a different platform than places like Facebook. On Twitter, you have 140 characters to get people interested in your information. Each tweet is limited to that many characters so it has to be compelling. Follow back those that follow you. Gain followers by searching for people in your niche with the same interests and following them. A Twitter platform like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite will help you keep track of tweets and topics. 
This network is great for professional networking. It ranks third behind Facebook and Twitter for connecting with others via social media. When you create a personal profile, you’ll be able to give your qualifications, education and work history if you like. This is a great way for others to see why you’re qualified to give advice. You can join groups on LinkedIn too. This is a great way to connect with readers in your niche. 
Google +
Sharing with Google Plus is another way to gain a readership for your personal blog. It’s new in the world of social media, but it’s growing quickly. You can join a community on Google + where you can connect with others who have the same passions and interests. Circles are a way to add people as connections. Others can view and connect with your circles too. 
This is a visual site that allows others to easily reblog your content to share with their own followers. You can follow or comment on others posts as well. There are communities within your niche where you will find more readers to increase your social network. 
Whether you’re using Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn, make sure you’re entertaining, inspiring or informing your audience. Provide them with content that has value. While you may get new readers to your personal blog daily, you want returning readers who will become fans. It all comes down to providing compelling content. 
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