Computer Pepair

Step 1: Book Your 90 Minute PC Repair

Call us  on 0412 095 235  to book your PC repair. We will  answer all of your questions and explain all of the details to you when you give us a call.

If you have a computer hardware issue, or you cannot connect the computer you want fixed to the internet, then we are unable to assist you – sorry.

More than 80% of computer repairs relate to software issues which can be fixed online.

This is why we are able to repair your PC from the comfort of your home or office online through a secure, encrypted internet connection, saving you $$$$ in expensive call out fees.

Step 2: Connect With Your Computer Technician Over The Internet

Your computer technician will call you on your landline and explain how to run the program that allows your technician to connect safely to your computer… it only takes 2 minutes.

You must have a good internet connection to be able to do this (not dial up, sorry). A mobile 3G dongle is fine also.

You will simply click the blue button below, and your computer technician will guide you through the quick & easy set up.

Step 3:  Watch Your Computer Technician Repair Your PC & Relax

Watch, ask your computer technician questions, and make requests while your  49fix expert  repairs, tunes up and speeds up your computer in 90 minutes….

Or you can just relax around the home or office. You choose!

Please note:  If your PC repair goes for longer than 90 minutes… which can happen in the event of a very nasty infection in your computer, very old computer which hasn’t been serviced in a long time, or long standing, complex problems, then we do charge extra… but of course we want to do the right thing by you!

In that case, it will cost $25 per hour after the 90 minutes, with a maximum cap of $99.  So even the worst case scenario, the most you will ever pay is $99. Is that fair enough?

Step 4:  Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Once your 90 minute pc repair is complete, we will send you a report on the work our expert computer technicians had completed for you.

From there you are covered for the next 30 days by our unconditional, no questions asked, iron clad, money back guarantee!

If you have any more questions, simply call us on 0412 095 235, contact us on live chat, or check out our FAQ’s.

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